U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently issued a statement at a coronavirus briefing this past Friday, and gave his thoughts on the higher risk of coronavirus that black and brown people face due to “the burden of social ills” experienced by the groups.

During his statement, Adams said “The chronic burden of medical ills is likely to make people of color, especially, less resilient to the ravages of COVID-19. And it is possibly, in fact, likely that the burden of social ills is likely contributing.”

Adams spoke on issues he personally faced with his health that could possibly put him at risk, saying “I've been carrying around an inhaler in my pocket for 40 years, out of fear of having a fatal asthma attack. I more immediately share it so that everyone knows it doesn't matter if you look fit, if you look young, you are still at risk for getting and spreading and dying from coronavirus."

Adams urged black and brown folks to take the risk of coronavirus seriously, saying communities of color should avoid drugs and alcohol. Adams said “Speaking of mothers, we need you to do this, if not for yourself, then for your abuela. Do it for your granddaddy, do it for your Big Mama, do it for your pop-pop.”

source: NPR