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4 Eva Noir presents "Flights Down South"


4 Eva Noir offers an element of empathy and encouragement to his fans, in a world where the entertainment,business & emotion are often tied up, his unique sound offers the perfect mix of old school and new school and hits the sweet spot for true hip hop heads, who embrace contemporary styles, but still want to feel the authenticity of rap that has carried itself through the ages.







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Some artists are great in one genre while others are incredibly versatile and can incorporate in their music a lot of different influences. Bruce L. is one of those that, thanks to his incredible talent, can create unique and emotional tracks such as powerful and energetic ones. Today, we have the big pleasure to listen to his latest EP “The Basis: Negative”, a great release that shows the maturity of a talent that is ready for a big step forward in his music career!

Bruce L. is a talented singer and songwriter originally from beautiful Alabama. Gifted with a warm and rich voice, Bruce’s style is unique thanks to a very personal and intense approach. His latest EP “The Basis: Negative” has been anticipated by two great singles, the beautiful “Jean-Grey” and the powerful “Split-^”, a fantastic Hip Hop track feat Charles and Tsunami Slicc.




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Pink Tombs presents "Don't Know Me"


Powerful, energetic, and unstoppable, these are just a few adjectives you could use to describe Pink Tombs and his music! Today, we have the big pleasure to be listening to his latest single “Don’t Know Me”, a track that will stay in our playlists for a long time! 

Pink Tombs is a talented artist that thanks to incredible charisma and the energetic approach, has a unique sound that makes him immediately recognizable. This is a characteristic that only big artists have and with his latest track, Tombs showed that music is not just entertainment, it is much more!


“Don’t Know Me” is not just a song, but it is a manifest against what our society has become. With his raw and direct songwriting, Pink Tombs made the point very clear! Starting from the title, every single word in this song goes straight to the point. Thanks to his powerful vocals, great production, and engaging beat, this track is one of the best releases of 2020 so far. Pink Tombs is an artist that is making the right steps in the right direction, without losing the connection with his music, and without compromises!




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YouTube: Pink Tombs

Twitter: pinktombs69

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