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Richmond, CA - When college math professor Chad Rico ventured off into the rap game, he knew he was taking a calculated risk.   As an entrepreneur, financial analyst, clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker and world traveler, many wondered if the teacher turned artist could really pull it off. When Chad dropped his own brand of mathematical science with a seven track EP entitled "Myth" and a debut single, "New Level," naysayers had to concede that the educator made a move to the head of the class! Now with the release of his video for "New Level," Chad is proving that his 'myth' status does indeed add up!

"New Level" is a total elevation experience. More a mini-movie than a music video, the three minutes plus immersion fi nds Chad as the captain of a spaceship and guardian of the galaxy. He and his crew travel to Planet Crunk and engage in an intergalactic shootout with Diablo Grande, played by veteran actor, Glenn Plummer, and his men, all in an attempt to rescue alien damsel in distress, Sasha Verde, the beautiful green space woman! The set, costumes, body art, makeup and weaponry all convey an artistic creativity that is essentially next level from what is normally delivered by new independent artists.


"I'm extremely grateful for all the positive feedback I've received since the release of 'Myth.' With the 'New Level' video, I wanted to deliver something special to my fans and supporters. As an independent artist, I believe it is important to stay cutting edge and creative. For me, "New Level" is a vision and a commitment and 'myth' status is my goal," expresses Chad. Produced by Chad's own company, Gold & Gems Production in conjunction with In Your Face Films, the video was directed by Damon Jamal with input from legendary film producer Haqq ShabazzJustin Amey wrote the treatment, Pashur provided the body art and Susan Gray served as stylist. "New Level" was filmed in the San Fernando valley, right outside of Los Angeles and one of the locations was from the original "Star Trek" set.


A Belizean American, Chad's legend began at birth when he was born in South Central Los Angeles, in the same hospital and at the same time as Grammy Award winning artist Kendrick Lamar. Currently repping for the Bay area, Chad's family relocated to Northern California where he now resides. The esteemed UC Berkeley alumni attended the university on academic scholarship at the age of 16! With a B.A. in African American Studies and Applied Math, and a masters in math from San Francisco State University, Chad also spent eight months in London in a graduate business program. The intentional student turned teacher has taught math at Contra Costa College, City College San Francisco, Berkeley City College and College of Alameda. The 31-year old has traveled to over 35 countries. In addition to his music company Gold & Gems, he has owned and operated his Gold & Gems clothing business for the past five years. The young college professor is also working with producer Haqq Shabazz to executive produce and release a film next year. "Party Bus" will be based on his adventures and misadventures while traveling. Chad's next video release will be "Northface in September" from Gold & Gem's artist, Kam Krzy. Take notes from Chad Rico at and on Instagram at @internationchadrico . Rise to a "New Level" at


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A&R Celina Weatherspoon Reviews The Brotherhood Project.

With so much twerking and trapping going on now days it was refreshing to hear what Crown Republik Ent. CEO Randall Black II is calling HipHop & B.

From the opening of the Brotherhood intro (Track 1) the feel of the music, to me, was very 90s. With a mixture of XI da MC’s raw hip hop bars and Ran Blacc’s creative melodies I found myself engulfed in the music.

Track 2, 3 and Track 4 show the complete diversity of the project. Track 2, more of an call and response type song with a great feel and very catchy hook. Where as track 3 is a classic summer time song with a fresh prince type feel. Track 4 is a classic battle rap and the part that had me out my seat and pumping my fist and screaming this is a great project... still not even four songs in.

Tracks 5 - 7 are really the meat of the project keeping the flow of the project perfectly while also showcasing some great features from Honest Jaye, Dread Bang and Blacc & Mild aka (One of Ran Blacc’s Alter Egos).

Tracks 8 - 10 are probably the tracks that surprised me most. After a raw street track in track 7, track 8 falls in line with something more treading towards the ladies. This part of the project you truly hear and feel the RnB inspirations. XI da MC’s graceful and thoughtfully created verses adds to a sexy hook. Track 9 is probably my favorite track on the project. Industry great, Empire writer, Sixx John’s feature is undeniably the best feature of the project. While not over powering his presence, Sixx John fits masterfully in the song.

Track 10 is definitely a throw back and is sure to be performed at shows. Track 11 gives me that Slicc Rick feeling. Maybe what I’m trying to say is Ran Blacc did a great job of making me visualize the story of the song. I could see it all happening in my head. Can wait for the video for this one.

Lastly, the bonus track is one of the hottest songs I’ve heard out... period! Hands down the best track on the project, not my favorite, but by far the best single. The most surprising part about the song, apart from the super catchy hook and very grown and sexy verses, is that LooseLyric not only murdered his verse during his feature, but he also engineered and mixed down the entire project. Salute that!!

The all around feel of this project is supreme. From top to bottom this is a very well put together project. I was truly impressed with the production and the engineering of the project. I’d like to congratulate the entire Crown Republik Ent team on a job well done. I am now a fan of what Ran Blacc calls Hip Hop & B!


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American Monster Guild signs Tidez


Joshua Aaron Holder better known as TIDEZ a native of New Orleans, Louisiana
is a aspiring recording artist. His music ranges from R&B to Rap to Hip-Hop
to Gospel. TIDEZ has a unique sound that is different from any other R&B artist
to date.TIDEZ philosophy is “I’m Determined To Do Righteous For My Jesus,
My City {New Orleans, La.} and Be A Positive Role Model For My Generation.”
“Katrina Didn’t Stop My Family, We Stayed Blessed!”.

Currently With ( Inked’Up Music Group & American Monster Guild inc)
Moved to Los Angeles, CA in February 2011 to pursue his music career.
American Idol Contestant 2010

Los Angeles contestant for the Essence R&B Star Search sponsored by Essence & “Pebbles” Reid.
{1 of 3 contestants out of 300 from the La area to move forward} Has worked with some of
the hottest producers in California:

Rick “Rude” Lewis – Formally of Darkchild Entertainment
Geoff Gill – Maddamatix Entertainment

Worked with Duane “DaRock” Ramos – legendary producer from California on a project with Kevin Hart
Performed at the World Renown Key Club in February 2012 along with 2 Chainz
Performed at the Los Angeles Sports Arena for Summer Explosion

Currently working with one of Germany’s hottest producers: Enrico Wolf – 24/7 Studios:
can be viewed:

Hosted by Rocsi and Terrence of 106 & Park

TIDEZ is an excellent Songwriter & is responsible for writing the lyrics to his current project.


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B.T. - "Better Days"

They say the world is filled with evil. Well, when making the judgment, they must have left Massachusetts rapper, B.T., out of the equation. Born Bryanne Toney, this Dorchester artist is on a breath-taking, philanthropic mission. In tandem with the upcoming, February drop of his spirited EP, “Better Days”, B.T. pledges to donate half of his record sales to The Base, a sports education organization. Alongside being an incredibly noble gesture, it is a grandiose opportunity for The Base, because this album is prone to push some units. How can it fail when the music is as loving and thoughtful as the mission behind it?

Within all four tracks, riding warm, empyrean instrumentals, are powerfully jolting rhymes. From themelodic, trap-rap aesthetic of “Problem”, to the Golden Era, boom-bap nature of the other three records (“For You I Will”, “They Look Up To Me”, and “Better Days”), B.T. never surrenders a moment. Every breath taken in that booth is devoted to an inspirational bar, motivational metaphor, and overall positive message to his following. With each track he reinforces the notion that there are still good souls walking our earth. Yes, we are in a rough spot. However, this fascinating music, and even further captivating act of charity, prove that so long as individuals like B.T. are around, the world will see “Better Days”.

B.T. (The Artist) is currently working on his new EP, titled, “Better Days.” The EP will contain three tracks: Anything; Better Days and Gutter, and will be released on February 8, 2019. The EP will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal for just $3.99. He is hopeful that proceeds from “Better Days,” will make a strong impact in his community and at The BASE.

Bryanne Toney has announced that 50% of the proceeds from his upcoming EP will be donated to Boston-based The BASE, a non-profit organization that uses the power of baseball to change the game for urban youth. Bryanne has a strong connection to The BASE, having played for its baseball teams for years as a teen. Bryanne graduated from Fisher College in 2018 and is currently working for The BASE, encouraging student athletes to find their own pathway to academic or career success and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential by sharing his optimism and personal success story.



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Barcenilla - "Timeless"

Timeless is available for streaming/buying on all platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and etc.

Follow Barcenilla:









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El-Jay ft. Shorty Mack - "My Bae Remix"

El-Jay is capturing hearts around the world with his dynamic NeoSoul/R&B/Pop flow. His musical drive was influenced by his father, multi platinum recording artist, Rome.

El-Jay developed a unique style as a result of a lifetime of musical influence. He is featured on Rome’s album “To the Highest,” and “People of This World” video. He appeared in major TV shows, commercials and music videos with over 700 million views including; "Swang" by Rae Sremmurd and “F with Your” by Kid Ink. His strong and genuine connection to his broad and dynamic audience allows him to invite them into emotional experiences of his craft. It’s the artist that details the emotion we all stumble across as we skip
through the journey of life.

El-Jay is in production of a new album "Intentions" following the release of his hit singles, “My Bae: Remix” and “Ain’t Gotta Know, ”that have over 20 million plays and charting DRT Top 30.



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2019 Turn you on - Denise Lopez feat Denise Lopez Grammy-winning recording artist Pras Michel (The Fugees) and released "Turn you on", layered with her sassy vocals and Pras Michel's signature fluid rap style. Turn you on is written by Pras Michel and the remix by DJ ScreamShot from Los Angeles

About Denise Lopez

Denise Lopez has a successful career as a singer/songwriter/producer/Dj with more than 500 000 albums sold. She has toured the world and has sold out Tokyo Dome in Japan twice! She was the only Swedish artist to open up for Michael Jackson in Gothenburg, Sweden and was opening act to 50 Cent in Helsinki, Finland.

Denise has worked with prominent producers and song writers such as Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Anders Bagge, Derek Bramble (David Bowie & Whitney Houston), Hebie Crichlow, Father Mc, Pras Michel (Fugees) and Michael Feiner among others.

About Pras Michel

Pras Michel is a Grammy Award-winning Haitian-born American rapper, actor, producer, and member of the superstar hip hop trio The Fugees, considered one of the most influential groups of the 1990s for their album The Score. Pras has also forged a successful solo career, beginning with an international hit single from his first full-length solo LP, “Ghetto Superstar” [That Is What You Are],” featuring Mya and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. “Ghetto Superstar” became a top ten single in 1999, and the #8 most played single; it was received with critical acclaim and earned Pras a performance at the World Music Awards

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Kevin Darbo is a 22-year-old African-American singer and songwriter. Currently from Barnegat, NJ his Ghanaian roots and cultured upbringing gives him that reggae feel in a lot of his music. “Both of my parents are from Ghana, West Africa so growing up I ate the food, spoke the language and listened to the music and ultimately influenced my sound.”

Kevin started recording in a studio at the age of 13, with the help of his music teacher and mentor Mr. Wald. “Mr. Wald and my mom made a deal that if I got my grades up he would bring me to the studio to record my own song, so I hit the books and that next report card came in and ended up having straight A’s on it. When I first stepped foot in the studio at the age of 13 I knew that music is what I was on this Earth to do.” 

By the time he turned 18, he had signed his first record deal in hopes to have a career in making music, releasing a number of hit songs like “On Fleek” and “Kissing On Her Neck” to name a couple. Even having the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning producer Emanuel Seal and popular west coast producer & radio DJ Dennis Blaze, gaining radio spins for his singles in Southern California.

In 2019, the now 22-year-old NJ hitmaker continues to work and put out fresh sounding music like the release of his new smash single “Buss It” which was released in the beginning of the year and is currently available on all online streaming and retail outlets worldwide.



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