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Yucifer - "Racks"

Written from a personal space of struggle, ‘Racks’ was created as a vital form of self-expression. Yucifer describes the writing process as something that “just felt natural, I just snapped and spat it all out at once.” This release is the cataclysm of depression and anger."

Yucifer drew inspiration by a succession of events that lead to a breaking point in the form of this song. The artist describes going through a very dark period in his life and having nothing to previously do with music. He soon realized he had a lot of things to put out and express to avoid poisoning himself up further with the things that he had held inside.

Before turning to music, Yucifer struggled to find contentment with his life, as a whole, and had been struggling to find the motivation to do anything other than think about these things. This just exacerbated his condition and everything spiraled downwards. His depression turned into severe anxiety and he started having a very strong psychosomatic response in the form of panic attacks a few months after this song was written.

Yucifer indicates, "that pain shapes you, but it is a fine line between letting it teach you what you need to be taught and being destroyed by it". He further indicates, "it takes pain to want to change, and disgust, at yourself, for ending in a position you no longer want to be in". Yucifer's wisdom comes from real life experiences which are portrayed in his music. Ultimately he says, "It is only then when you truly change, from the inside out and move forward, that you can pick yourself up".
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AG Da Gift - "Name and Number" ft. Mike Mike


Ag Da Gift, born as Alexander Agee in Milwaukee, WI grew up heavily interested in the arts. He went to Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts, where he studied all areas but music was the one that he stuck with. That is where his musical journey began. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit. Always trying to find a way to make money off of his talents. 


As his journey progressed he got hold of a program called fruity loops and started making beats and recording music in his bedroom. Ag’s older sister decide to take on the role of being his manager. But Unfortunately his sister passed away in a tragic car accident. This is when AG decided to take music more serious. he wanted to dedicate his journey to her. 


When he graduated from Riverside High School, he went to McNally Smith College of Music St.Paul Minnesota.He also received an Scholarship from legendary rapper Ice Cube. Unfortunately, AG dropped out of school due to Grades and came back home to continue his journey. He came back to Milwaukee and joined his cousin’s label Purple Label. This time period was where he developed his identity as an artist and a producer.  2 years after he came back home. He decided to go back to School. He attented Columbia College, in Chicago Illinois for music business for 3 years. Ag also had to drop out of school again because he was expecting his first kid. 


He is now taking the grass root route this time around. He decided to rebrand and start his own with imprint and called it “Center City”. Which represents the part of the city he is from. (MIDTOWN Area)He decided he was going do everything in house starting with his production recording and merchandise. Center City The Label includes J.Rosco, April May, Dozzi B Marz producers Jeff Brizzle and Serita Campbell.


AG Da  Gift represent being resilient and relentless. He has faced many obstacles in life but that never stops him.If anything it fuels him to work harder and go against the odds. Another thing that pushes Ag to pursue this journey is one of his best friends and biggest supporters (Wati Majeed) died from a seizure in his sleep. He uses that as his new found motivation to continue to pursue music. He is always wants to his losses to wins. He always finds a way to turn tradegy to triumph. 




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Check Out Rookie2x




Meet Rookie2x, formally known as CEO Rookie founder of B.O.$. Rookie2x rap career started October of 2018. Always knew he had it. He started rap group B.O.$ (BlakOutSquad) at that time. Fall outs within the group led Rookie to go solo. Releasing his first album solo “Calm Before The Storm.” Album will be on all streaming platforms, as well as in stores in August. Stay tuned for date and follow Rookie on Instagram, @rookie_2x. He was nice enough to give us a taste of the intro for his upcoming album. 



Instagram @rookie_2x
Twitter @rookie_2x
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J.Maurice - "Favors"

J.Maurice has a new track out, and it’s a banger. It has heavy auto-tune on the hook, backed up by classic trap style beat. Oh yeah, the song has a clear and distinct message. He’s through doing favors. And we don’t blame him.
I’m sure we can all relate to the concept that J. Maurice is rapping about. The only difference is he’s really good about putting it into words, and even further more, a rhyme pattern.
Have you ever looked out for someone, But when you needed help they just turn the other cheek. What about people who only remember what you didn’t do for them, as opposed to what you did do for them? You know, the type that’s always praying on your downfall. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then make sure to give this track a listen.
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JordanLivinGood - "The SP Tapes"



JordanLivinGood’s real name is Jordan Galbreth. He’s an independent artist located in Austin, Texas, and he’s a songwriter, producer, and sound engineer. JordanLivinGood started making music at the age of 10 but started taking his career serious at the age of 21. The way Jordan got into music was his cousin was making music in his room, so Jordan asked his cousin, “Can I make some songs?”, as a joke. By which his cousin said “Sure!”. So Jordan used his cousin’s home studio to record his first mixtape, and he’s been he’s in love with music ever since.


Check out his new EP "The SP Tapes" below:

JordanLivinGood's first single, "All Night", was written at 3 am about his reoccurring sleep paralysis. When he's asleep, he would hear someone knock on his door, and then open immediately afterward. He would turn his head to the left, and he would see a white spirit coming into his room. The spirit would start staring at him; then jump on him, and start strangling him till he would wake up up gasping for air. Because of this; he started taking sleep pills, and that helped him stay asleep at night, but he started to get addicted to the pills. So, he had to stop taking the pills, and then the white spirit started coming all over again.



His second hit single off "The SP Tapes" is called "Superwoman", which express his life to the woman that's in his life. JordanLivinGood says, "She always supported my music career, and she comes and my house and also cooks for me. The reason I named song Superwoman because this type of woman is what a lot of men dream, and want in their life."





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Alcam - "Tina Turner"

Equipped with high energy and very passionate lyrics Alcam bring's a unique style to the genre of Hip Hop. Being influenced by the legends in the genre his flow is inspired by many but emulated by none. Alcam is known for his ferocious freestyles, lyrical content, and the ability to make great songs. Born and Raised in St.Louis MO Alcam’s love for music has driven him to release more content than ever before starting with his 2019 single release Tina Turner. Alcam has benched mark the launch of Tina Turner as the foundation and groundwork for whats to come.
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R.A.E. RealNExplicit - "Champion"


Hailing from the DC Metropolitan Area, 22-year-old upcoming recording artist, R.A.E. (pronounced Ray), aka “Real And Explicit” is breaking the barriers in music with a fresh swag of raw rhymes infused with melodic chants. The young singer/ rapper began her music career in the winter of 2016 recording her first song by doing a remix to the infamous single, “Panda”, by Desiigner and it was there where her career took off.


R.A.E.'s first debut single titled, “Flexxin”, was released January 2017 when she was formally known as Blu Rae and became the new bop within the streets of the DMV. In the summer of 2018, she changed her name from Blu Rae to R.A.E. to give her stage name and her music a deeper approach towards her lyricism by presenting a message and meaning that’s relatable to an audience.


R.A.E. has performed at venues such as house parties, local clubs, and bar venues, and showcases across the city of DC as well as performances in New York, Atlanta, Miami, and her next stop; Indiana! R.A.E. is currently working on building her modeling career and released her first EP titled “It’s All In The Name,” on February 3, 2019, and now the young star is preparing for her video shoot for her latest single, “Champion”, and many more opportunities to come! Buckle up because this is only the beginning, we are expecting big things from this budding emcee in the next years to come.




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KDA - "Tonight"


What first got you into music?


My earliest memories are dancing for my Grandmother while she played Michael Jackson's record on this old record player that we used to own, I really feel as if that really jumpstarted my mind to get involved with music in the first place.


Who inspired you to make music?


My sister Mecca was a big inspiration for me. I remember her putting her pain on paper. Her actions really inspired me to do the same.


How would you describe the music that you typically create?


Its Soul Food...I don’t always write things with the intention of sharing. Sometimes...most of the time it’s a way for me to cope with the things I hold on the inside.


What is your creative process like?


Sometimes I just force myself to write because I know it will give me some kind of relief...I let my heart hold the pen, I wouldn’t say I follow a specific formula by any means.


Who would you most like to collaborate with?


Kendrick Lamar would be my personal favorite, and if I could get permission/access to his vocals, XXXTentacion (R.I.P.).


If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?


J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar.


What is one message you would give to your fans?


Always keep god close.


What is the most useless talent you have?


I’m a beast on the sticks, definitely gaming, specifically R.D.R.2, I might as well be the developer given I know every nook and cranny of it.


Do you sing in the shower? What songs?


Sometimes I find myself singing “Arsonist's Lullabye” by Hozier and “Monster” by Jacob Banks, they just resonate with me in the shower for some reason, I couldn’t really tell you why.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?


I might join the army because any other choices I’m thinking of might land me in a cage and I don’t like those.


Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?


I opened up for Wiz Khalifa in Sacramento and I’ve performed in LA at least 5 times. I can’t say I have a favorite or least favorite venue per se. I might be performing a few times this year but I’m still finding out the details so I can’t say for sure.


How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?


The Internet has made it easier for the people to access the music...and it made it easier for the artist to be heard. That’s a small answer in the book of it...but there is no denying that the internet has changed everything and still continues to. I feel as if the internet has made it so that the artist has to be more business orientated to succeed.


What is your favorite song to perform?


If I had to choose an original song of mine right now, I might say “Long Time Ago”, its currently unreleased but I have it recorded.


Which famous musicians do you admire?


Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Jessie J to name a few. They’ve been true to themselves and made positive impacts…. they’ve taught me you don’t have to leave who you are behind to be successful.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?


I would change the topic. We take music and make people feel like they have to be a certain way to create hip hop. Sometimes I feel as if people confuse the game with black culture. I would want to change the message that people are subconsciously becoming.


What’s next for you?


Wherever God puts me is where I will stand tall.


Please explain your creative process


I just listen, feel, & write about the emotion the instrumental is painting for me.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?


In one of my unreleased projects "Like Woah (With Sharoo)" I portray myself as an average nigga with money in what I felt like was a more of a raw depiction. The hidden message? I was hoping the listener would hear it and choose to be different...I want people to look at themselves differently and see what kind of future they are creating...I’m hoping women will respect themselves more so that when my daughters start looking up they see something worthy of growing into...and it’s not only for mine, it's for others’ as well.


Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?


They say iron sharpens iron; I try to motivate them while I allow the artist to motivate me, it’s a team effort at the end of the day. Just working off of one another from things as simple as writing to postproduction as well.


Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans


I want my fans to know how much they matter so I try to be responsive. Sometimes those interactions are huge to me because they motivate me and let me know that the message I sent mattered. It influenced someone or gave someone hope...and sometimes I need it too. Knowing that I’m making a difference no matter how big or small it makes me hold on a little longer. I try to do my best to let them know that they are appreciated.


What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?


That it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like purpose. My least favorite part is trying to give people what they want because I’d rather give others what they need and sometimes my insides are dying to tell someone with my music that I understand, that I’m fighting for us, and that they can’t give up. I want to send the right message. I want to have fun too but I’m way more concerned with the shit people pretend not to see. 


Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?


I always deal with performance anxiety. I’m still finding myself on stage...but I can feel a change coming.


What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?


Don’t follow me, rather look to god for your direction. Be better than me, don’t let your heart turn to stone. Never give up.











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