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DIAB10 - "In My Feelings"


DIAB10 from Denver, CO is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist. With schematic flows, original lyrics, and a smooth vibe that makes you want to bounce DIAB10 attracts a diversified audience. DIAB10 really started taking his music career seriously in May 2017 when he released several singles Most notable being “DisDaTT” and “Co10rado Pab10 Pt. 1” with “DisDaTT” landing on ‘Independent Dope’ Facebook page bringing in tens of thousands of views. Also, releasing his first studio recorded EP “#26ontha26” later that year, including popular single “6NGRS” prod. by Paul Tyre of Secret Society. 2018 DIAB10 was dealing with personal matters which caused for him to take a step back from music for the time.


However, 2019 he quickly bounced back releasing a series of singles and music videos. “In My Feelings” getting the most attention is a song DIAB10 reminisces about the past and the events that got him in unwarranted situations, thanking family and friends that helped him along the way. DIAB10 gathered enough local attention to perform his first show at The Roxy Theater Denver 1/30/2020. 2020, DIAB10 has seen several highlights. He has released a single “I’m From Denver” featuring another Denver artist H-Sav on 03/06/2020, which is a song from his recently released project “5280 Baby Vol. 1” the song has already been featured on a music blog called “” It has also led to a few different interviews with different online podcasts. DIAB10 has been gaining fans from all over the nation with some fans booking trips to Denver just to smoke and meet with DIAB10 taking advantage of the legal marijuana laws that Denver residents enjoy.




Instagram: @denverinternational

Facebook: Diab10

Spotify: Diab10

Apple Music: Diab10

Twitter: @Diab10

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Santa Sallet presents Plutography. 

Plutography – an autobioplutophonography – is the first b-side of Santa Sallet’s three part series. Released as a mixtape in 2020, Plutography depicts, presents, and covers Santa’s ascent to riches, particularly the lifestyles he enjoys, through voracious beats, avaricious rhythms, and acquisitive rhymes.


Santa Sallet gives you a glimpse of everything you hope and dream, or have already attained, by taking you on his conquest of gluttony, lust, and greed. Whether he is rapping over his own vicarious beats, Nemizzo’s melodious symphony, or banging industry classics, Santa taps into your desire for greatness and delivers it with Plutography.


Listen to Plutography, the mixtape that makes you richer. 




plutography, Noun.

Brit. /pluːˈtɒɡrəfi/,  U.S. /pluˈtɑɡrəfi/


1. (uncountable) Depiction, presentation, or coverage of the rich, particularly the lifestyles they enjoy.

  1. A mixtape by Santa Sallet 
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Ash2Heavy x JG.$hit - "Gang $hit"



Stand Up CHICAGO & TEXAS! Ash2Heavy & JG.$hit drop "Gang $hit"! Produced by Bapeboyben, Gang $hit is an up-tempo hip-hop collab that celebrates and uplifts women by showing that yes, men are bosses, but women are definitely bosses too.

"This song is full of confidence and we hope for our supporters to feel that when they hear and sing along to the song," says JG.$hit

"It's a whole lotta 'Gang Shit' on this track! We're just 2 females coming together talkin our shit" say's Ash2Heavy.

Tap In and see what they talkin bout!

Let's Talk About It!

Interview Opps

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Get spins on DJ ILL WILL RADIO SHOW via all @SmackEmRadio platforms broadcasting live on Facebook, Twitch, Mixcloud and YouTube. Simply subscribe to DJ ILLWILL TriState YOUTUBE CHANNEL here: CLICK ON THE BELL and your song will be added for plays and promotions. Submit your music mp3 format to attention: Artist name and song title, thank you

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Mr.J (D-RIOT) - "Free To Be Me"


Born and Raised in Detroit, MI. My music is inspired by the blue collar workers. The Get Up and grinders, the broken homes and small Churches. Free To Be Me is about knowing who you are and NOT letting this world change you. It's about knowing your values and principles and sticking to them at all cost. When no one believes in you, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.







Where to buy:

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Rèmi Fréyo - "10,000 Hours"

Usually when you hear a single in the music industry, there are anywhere from three to four (and more) people who have worked on it whether it be with features, production, writing, engineering etc. For Rèmi Fréyo, having all of these extra people on board was never an option. Rèmi was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Silver Spring, MD. He began recording when he was nine years old starting off with just a headset microphone and Audacity. The passion did not just stop at recording himself, it willed him into becoming his own producer, engineer, writer, and marketer. Rèmi has recently released his new song, “10,000 Hours”, which surpassed 20,000 streams in its first week on Spotify alone. This song did not have three to four people working on it, in fact, it was solely him. He wrote, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the song himself. This is almost impossible to find in the industry nowadays. The cover art was designed by his cousin, Bruce (@Brucee_p) and the music video was shot and edited by Donjo Productions (@_donjoo). Gearing up for the new year, Rèmi has his debut album slated to release during 2021. Check out the music video for “10,000 Hours” below.

Stream and Download “10,000 Hours” here:



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The latest album, ‘The origin’ by Decked music is now available on Spotify, Amazon and other digital stores. The album has 7 songs in total and each of them are unique in its own way. The beats of the songs are creatively synchronized for a mesmerizing feeling. It would bring some power in your legs and force you to dance. These songs have the potential to excite anyone, anytime, anywhere.


The main purpose of the music is to compel your listeners into the world of music. Through music the emotions of the artists should speak and reach to the listeners. This is effectively and perfectly done by Decked Music. The artists aim at growing through their hard work and determination, because for them up is the only direction.


About Decked Music

Decked Music is new in the industry and finds its origin in South Africa. It is an independent recording label, run by a husband and wife. Other than this, 3 artists and 2 producers are signed to the label. These artists collaborate together to come out with a mind blowing piece which could not be anticipated. 


“We all love music, especially hip hop, it is the bond that we have developed over the past year that drives us to do our best, that family bond”- a statement by Decked Music.


This group has created a small family in themselves who have sought to stay together in hard times as well as good times. It is their group work which is paying off. 


Decked Music’s journey started very recently, which is from 2019. Being new in the industry, this group has already earned significant recognition, making them competitive. By now they have received overwhelming response and still work on increasing it. This music team is a division of Decked Media and Design.


Decked music truly inspires the music industry with their eccentric work. Each and every member’s will power has got them several achievements.


Where to find them?

Below you could find the links to the active social media accounts of the Decked Music like Facebook, and stay updated with his new products. There you could find behind the scenes or a glimpse of insider life of the artist and know how he works. 



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The LA rapper releases music video for 53X FRIENDZ, months after releasing his last music video "Car Radio", Genesix comes back with a new one and with a different take, blending his cartoon style into this music video making it stand out from his past singles.

Blending the auto-tune and reverb-soaked sound of contemporary rap, with a melodic and mellow vibe that this track is, the vocal performance and lyrics set the tune to just chill out and listen to the contrasting choruses at the same time keeping a high energy vibe.



IG -

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(Click Cover to Stream & Download)


CoolKay is back on the scene with a brand new release: THISSHITFIXED


A brand new release with upbeat arrangements and catchy melodic twist.


January 1, 2020 - Artist and songwriter CoolKay is a versatile and diverse musical performer who set out to create a distinctive sound by blending a wide range of influences. Although this hasn’t been an easy year for artists, CoolKay has still managed to publish something, and reach out to the audience. His most recent studio release, THISSHITFIXED, is a very appealing combination of trap, classic hip-hop vibes, and so much more, highlighting the artist’s incredible ability when it comes to switching things up and avoiding the usual cliches. In addition to reflecting the artist’s kaleidoscopic personality, Legacy is also well-produced and endearing. The sound of this recording is not overly polished, meaning that it allows more of the human qualities of the artist’s performance through, giving the audience a memorable and authentic experience.  With such a combination of honest lyrics and creativity, you really cannot go wrong here, especially if you are a fan of timeless and well-produced hip-hop music with a more personal twist and a lot of lyrical depth to make things more interesting and direct.



Find out more about CoolKay, and listen to THISSHITFIXED, which is currently available on all platforms.



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MJ Releases Latest Album 'The Way Things Were'


Three years in the making 'The Way Things Were' is the latest album to come from Hip Hop artist MJ. Inspired by changes in her personal life and the social changes of 2020, 'The Way Things Were' showcases the skills of this amazing female rapper. "I wanted to show that I have something to say and I have a beautiful way of expressing that" explains MJ. When she started this project she was still developing as an artist, but now she feels like she is at the end of that journey and the album documents this self-growth.



Not your typical female rapper, MJ is a poet who uses her pen as a brush and words to paint a picture. After releasing several freestyles on SoundCloud she released her debut album, "Live Through Me" in 2014. After moving to Houston to further her career she released her follow up mixtape "MEEZUS" in 2016. MJ makes both fun and conscious music. She is inspired by the constant tumultuous racial landscape in America but she also opens up about her life and outlook on life. Citing Lauryn Hill, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar as key influences, MJ is certainly one to watch in 2021!

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Omen44 Releases his 2020 Project "Hentai"




1. CQ(Buddha Brand) 2. Fizzi Pizzi 3. Mio Fujimura(DA-Dee-MiX) 4. Dj YOHEI 5. MUTA 6. nabepro 7. Sicknature 8. King TJ(DA-Dee-MiX) 9. Atsushi Uekusa(DA-Dee-MiX) 10. Kyo Itachi 11. LORD 8ERZ 12. Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu 13. Skyzoo 14. Kimihiro Kai(DA-Dee-MiX) 15. Mega-G 16. Ida Divine 17. Omen44 18. Stephanie 19. Planet Asia 20. MANTLE AS MANDRILL 21. Gradis Nice 22. Shadow The Great(Loaf Muzik) 23. 6th Generation 24. Noriq


Omen44's "Hentai" is a global collective of Hip-Hop/Jazz/Trip-Hop based on New York Boom Bap featuring artist's from New York to Tokyo Worldwide.


From New York: Skyzoo, Shadow The Great (Loaf Muzik), Ida Divine to Planet Asia form LA, Snowgoons from Germany to Sicknature(Denmark), Kyo Itachi and Fizzi Pizzi from France.


From Japan: Producers: Gradis Nice, MANTLE AS MANDRILL, LORD 8ERZ, MUTA, Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu, Noriq, DA-Dee-MiX, 6th Generation(Jazzy Sport), nabepro


Singers and MC's: CQ(Buddha Brand), MEGA-G, Stephanie


Jazzy and Raw feel the World Class New York Boom Bap!!

Omen 44 originally from Kobe, evolved into a seasoned and respected Hip Hop artist since claiming NY as home and placing his stake in the music scene. The quick buzz and notoriety from his music resulted in shared global stages and collaborations with the likes of such heavyweights as Sizzla, Marley Marl, Statik Selektah and more. 44 offers fans a lengthy catalog of albums, mixtapes, and EP’s all of which incorporate a mixture of sounds and beats from Jazz to Funk over his lyrical imagery.




Eclipse feat.Planet Asia, Sicknature
Dum-dum feat.Fizzi Pizzi
American Dream feat.CQ(Buddha Brand)
Yamu-Machi 3000(ENG) feat.Mega-G, Shadow The Great(Loaf Muzik) Scratches by Dj YOHEI
Skit A(MUTA)
I can see the sun feat.Skyzoo
Gooks! Here It is
Skit B(Da-Dee MiX) 
Heart of A Warrior
All 4 the Love
Neva Think 2wice
Eclipse(Snowgoons Remix) feat.Planet Asia, Sicknature

Gradis Nice (1, 4)
Kyo Itachi (2)
MUTA (6)
Dj Tomo A.K.A Tamu (7, 10)
Noriq (8)
DA-Dee-MiX (9)
6th Generation (11)
nabepro (12)
Snowgoons (13)


Ida Divine (11, 12)
Stephanie (9)


Cover Art by Stephen Palladino



The Plug International


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Exploring your highest nature and owning what you find, paves your path to being the greatest version of yourself. To finesse in this world is a craft to align the elements around you to give yourself the life you deserve. To see yourself in the light of a God or Goddess, you are claiming your stance in the universe.

From the bottom we climb, in hopes of winning everything we do. Accomplishing goals that aren’t meant for us to accomplish. Raising & Protecting our youth in a world full of hatred. No loses go unseen, no wins get praised. On a chase to New Beginnings. - Finesse Gods Clothing Co.


Official Website:

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KI Back At It - "Suppose to Say"


Alterik Finney, also known as KI Back At It, is a New Jersey rapper who's currently owner/CEO of Jersey We Lit Records. KI began hitting the scene running in the music realm by creating concepts/writing for over 10 years, contributing his skills to both small indie labels and larger ones, independent artists as well. His lastest single "Suppose to Say"  just released gainning over 10k streams on spotify.
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Pimpin' - "14th Amendment"



Pimpin' is an upcoming artist and business mogul. The original stage name Pimpin' Ass Ty was given to him at a young age by his older cousin. However, Pimpin' has been married for over two years and has a young son at home. The family can be found on their YouTube Channel, The Global Family. Born and raised in Prince George's County, MD, Pimpin is continuously paying homage to his hometown, as you can see through his label, PG Global. His first project, "Business Casual", a collaboration with the artist, Jvir, was released in 2019. Now, Pimpin' is scheduled to release his debut solo album "14th Amendment" in 2021.


Check out his hot new video titled "14th Amendment" which is the precursor to his upcoming album.


Follow On IG: @pimpinassty

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MajorHardcore - "In New York"

Rising New York artist MajorHardcore just dropped two new hot singles titled "In New York" and "Toxic". Check out his latest work below and follow him on social media for his latest releases. Look out for his new singles "Fukin or Not" and "You…

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BlueJayWangTeam - "And One"

BluejayWangteam is an artist from Victorville California probably the most developed artist out of his city but let’s not forget unique his sound is way different from the average but his grind is relentless be prepared to see more of him from here…

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