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New EP out today through the recently re-launched label New Dawn Records.
'18 Showdown' includes all the remixes produced by the legendary turntablist Krash Slaughta (DMC Finals / II Tone Committee) for the Belles in Monica crew which were originally released on 12" vinyl with the addition of new cut "Venom".  All are now available to stream and download for the first time.
The DJ's renowned production style fusing imaginative soundscapes, driving beats and immense scratch skills combine with storytelling rhymes and hard bars.  From the fuel injected funk and cutting frenzy of "Meltdown", to the sinister tension of "What D'Ya Need" and the sonic chaos of "Resistance is Futile", the EP is a rare collection of artistically expressive and powerful hip hop immersed in a golden era just as a new decade comes in to view.
Krash Slaughta continues to release new material and perform live regularly.  New Dawn Records will announce a new release schedule for 2020 by artists from the USA and UK shortly.
Belles in Monica - What D'YA Need (H.A.R.D. Mr Krash Slaughta Remix)
Belles in Monica - That All U Got ? (Mr Krash Slaughta Grip the Mic Remix)
Belles in Monica - That All U Got ? (Mr Krash Slaughta Grip the Mic Remix instrumental)
Belles in Monica - Meltdown (Mr Krash Slaughta Massive Meltdown Remix)
Belles in Monica - Resistance is Futile II (Mr Krash Slaughta Remix)
Belles in Monica - Venom (Re-Strung Mr Krash Slaughta Remix)
Available to stream & download at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon & more
Krash Slaughta on Facebook @krashslaughta
New Dawn Records - Website IG : @realnewdawnrecs T : @newdawnrecs FB : OfficialNewDawnRecords


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Bankrupt is a South Florida based Contemporary Mixed-Media artist.  He is known for his grandiose, vibrant, geometric pieces often featuring twisted depictions of hip hop artists, fashion and iconic pop figures.  
Grails Sports Bar
2800 N Miami Ave
Wynwood, Fl 33127

Thursday night:

Wags @officialwags 

Friday Night line up:

Allday K @alldayk

Dj Trap House @dj_traphouse

Dj Efeezy @djefeezy 


Live performances by:

Eric Leon @ericleon772

Kent Jones @kentjonesofficial






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Bernardo Davinci - "Young and Successful"


No Funding No Label, Everything Was Earned Nothing Was Given


Thanks to never giving up believing in himself following his dreams with clever harmony and wordplay the Virginia - based BernardoDavinci launched single-handedly funded his own label. It took 10 years of underground releases before the musician made any type of clout for his official debut.   


An American rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter based out of Charlottesville VA, who gained nationwide attention on SoundCloud for his mixtape "Chef Davinci" instantly took the musician's career to an overnight star currently has him with over 15Million+ plays and counting. Bernard Talburtt better know by his stage name BernardoDavinci was born in 1991 developed an interest in music at the young age of growing up in a middle-class family it wasn't until his late teens, however, he decided to pursue music as a full - time career.


Graduating from Charlottesville High School in 2009 young Bernardo accepted the transformation from boy to man adopting the name "BernardoDavinci" because he noticed that music was deeper than just rhyming on a beat it was a form of art being communicated to others through storytelling and an emotional connection from artist to listener. Shortly after graduation, he had many accomplishments such as the most songs recorded in his local town studio 250 to be exact as well as being featured on his local news station and paper for his music spreading through his town like wildfire.


Fast forward to 2017 he started gaining a fanbase on the social media platforms Youtube, and Instagram. He began becoming more open and expressive to the platforms gaining awareness to bring attention to his music developing over thousands of followers quickly. It was during that time that Bernardo recorded his first viral video "Reboot"


"I Spent $50 Making "Reboot" in the studio" he recalls


Today the official video for "Reboot" has over 60,000+ Views Along with other Follow Up Single "Check The Status" the Total Views BernardoDavinc has on Youtube is Over 300,000+ all thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other social media platforms


"I credit the success of my music to Social Media" he adds


In July of 2017 BernardoDavinci has released multiple singles to the following platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Rhapsody, Napster, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Music, As well as a multiple numbers of mixtapes on Datpiff TSOE, ChefDavinc, Young and Succesful, 


 BernardoDavinci has traveled all around the east coast performing in states including New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Flordia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, even had a distribution deal with Sony Music Entertainment Inc in 2015 with a memorable recording "TYTS" better know as Too Young To Stop.


Today he has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, More than 5,000 subscribers on Youtube and Twitter, and is contributing to opening up for major artists in the game while independently selling out shows across the United States. He continues to perform, record and represent his label "SupremeGang" to the maximum. His latest projects feature Birthday(Lifestyle) "Lowkey" "Young and Succesful" "Poverty" "Squeeze" "Party Pass Out" and "Aero Blue"




















Apple Music





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The Band of the Hawk gives thanks to all the Hawks worldwide with a brand new album from their lead lyricist, Yeaux Majesty.  PRINCELY ROBES, produced entirely by Noah Archangel, is the first solo project from Yeaux Majesty since he changed his name from KING in 2017.  The project features 10 new tracks with a couple features from fellow Hawks Juskwam and Spear Chukka. Unlike the previous releases, PRINCELY ROBES has a unique sound, dubbed “Southern Fried Boom Bap”.  They keep the nitty gritty 90’s sounds, but overlay it with some futuristic sounds and that southern 808 bass. Songs like “God’s Children” & “King Midas” give you that classic New York feel. Then comes tracks like “Turds” and “Hueston Gospel” sound new but still restore the feeling of something real. Plus the usual BOHUP skit rounds off the record.  This project fulfills the status quo for any BOHUP fan, but surely will attract new fans alike that were missing that extra touch. #BOHUP


Fan Tip: If you listen to ‘A DIFFERENT CLOTH” first, then stream PRINCELY ROBES, it makes for a flavorful  experience.

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Las Vegas Rap Duo ALVMNII



ALVMNII is a hip-hop emcee duo from Las Vegas, NV consisting of the emcees Coherent and AJ. Both emcees are masters of the lyrical craft and true crowd-movers. Both being Aries, the fire and passion they bring to the mic and the stage are contagious and inspiring. The two united under a collective effort known as Rebel Underground Network in 2017 and have turned their business partnership into a musical partnership. You can expect an underground, conscious sound composed of technical lyrics and flows as the duo goes back and forth displaying their unique styles and message. Both emcees are college graduates - AJ has a BA in Audio Production/Engineering and Coherent has BA in Secondary Education & History. Together as ALVMNII, they bring knowledge and real hip-hop to your ears over a blend of boombap and trap production.

Social media links:


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William Killian - "Don't Let Me Go"




People need to feel heard and acknowledged 

William has been singing and performing his entire life. He’s been writing music and poetry since he was a child. In the last 5 years, William started recording and producing original music from his bedroom in rural upstate NY. He has now released two singles with many more in the works. His classic musical theatre training, and his love for a broad spectrum of genres has made his songs a melting pot for music. 


He incorporates styles like Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Freeform, and Alternative to his music. His knowledge and experience from performing in choral and accappella groups shines through his work. 


William finds solace in the music and artists he listens to, and is writing music to do that for others. His music offers a bridge to remind people they are not alone with their feelings - a message that there is someone to relate to. 


Growing up in the foothills of the Catskills, William has an affinity for nature and the benefits it holds. He brings the cathartic experience of being in natural environments to his music by elaborating on sounds heard in the wild. He interprets the instinctual, ancient love we have for nature and translates it into modern productions of harmonic art. 


William’s production work is alt-pop based with low resonating bass notes and funky synth/piano lines. He physicalizes his work by playing with different frequencies of vibration to create a song that can be felt both internally and externally. Vocal layering and distortion are used to build and transform his music. 


William draws from deep emotion in his writing. He tells a story through the lyrics. Listen to his work; share it with the people you know. He wants to know what you think. 





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3721598168?profile=RESIZE_710xOriginally & still available on 12" vinyl, re-launched hip hop label New Dawn Records have just released this classic banger on all digital formats for the first time.   "What D'Ya Need" is taken from the digital EP "Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. - '18 Showdown" out December 6th which includes all the remixes produced by the legendary turntablist DJ (DMC Finals / II Tone Committee) for the Belles in Monica crew

The EP is the final one of an initial re-launch series marking NDR's return after a 15 year hiatus following on from Belles in Monica's "Y'All in Meltdown" & "Natsukashii", and Underground Cartel's "Sapientia".  The label are preparing a release schedule of EP's and albums for 2020 by new artists from the USA and UK which will be announced shortly.

All label news and social media links are available at their official site

All their digital releases are available from the usual online streaming platforms and stores including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Beatport, Napster & Tidal

Here's the joint on Soundcloud

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For the past month, Dublin based underground hip-hop artist, Johnny Climax,
has been traveling through the UK, Asia, Australia with a mini-tour to build on
influences to create unique and textured sounds and melodies.

With his latest single, Johnny is doing anything but ‘Sleeping All The Time’ on
this track, collaborating with CO The Artist and producer ‘New Machine’ who is
no stranger to the Irish Hip-Hop scene. He’s worked with the likes off Plan B,
Maverick Sabre & Devlin, along with many of the top artists from the Irish Hip
Hop scene. Not only has Johnny Climax, racked up millions of views this month
on new media platforms but shown his versatility in creating music for the
creators on TikTok.

Following the release of his latest single ‘What’s Your Name’, which racked up
over 44K Streams on Spotify, Johnny Climax brings you ‘Sleeping All The Time’.
His music has seen support from blogs such as, EDM Sauce
and he’s accumulated over 142K Streams on his YouTube Channel..
Johnny says “Sleeping All The Time” is the first of a string of singles and videos
he will be releasing throughout the rest of the year, culminating in an EP slated
for mid 2020.







TikTok: @johnnyclimaxofficial


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Bonafide - "Turn Off The Lights"

Bonafide is a band composed of four biological brothers who spread love and encouragement through the unmistakable vibes of reggae pop music. Although their list of success includes three #1 songs on the charts, these gentlemen remain humble and dedicated to their community. Their humble roots of Montego Bay, Jamaica serve as a constant reminder that everyone deserves a little help to get somewhere. Bonafide's love for music is indelible, however, their deep desire for philanthropy is unmatched
Instagram @bonafidereggae
Facebook bonafide876
Twitter @bonafidereggae
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Rizzy Rackz - "Bet"


Growing up in Richmond, VA there isnʼt much opportunity for young driven artists such as Rizzy Rackz. Its a city of low-income families and high crime rates. He got the name Rackz as a teenager when a friend pointed out the fact that Rizzy never bought anything, but always had a big stack of money. One day while in the studio recording he got a call that his 23-month-old daughter was shot in the side of her torso during a visit to a family members house in Hillside Court Projects on Richmond's Southside. The same neighborhood where his uncle, Marco, was murdered several years earlier by his best friend. Thankfully the bullet went straight through all flesh, sparing all organs as well as her life.


From that point on Rackz took his music more serious, focusing on developing a sound that's unique to him and no other saying “Failing is not an option." When talking to Rizzy, at times it seems as if he has this intellectual burden of superb logic, street consciousness, and self-awareness. He said, “I just wanna make people move while maintaining substance, content, and deliverance of the message.” Rackz's new single "BET" is definitely an all new sound with a contagious vibe. Perfect title to describe the feeling the song gives you. Authenticity is what you get with Rizzy Rackz. Follow him on this journey of music and life.



IG -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Soundcloud -



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Colbreigh - "4u2enjoy"

4U2Enjoy is  a new project out right now by Colbreigh is a masterpiece of modern art!  Opening up the project with Choo Choo he sets the tone for the project, with the elegant layers and large beat drops this song is a great way to start off the tape!
My favorite song on the project has to be I Like Dat! The harmonies on this song in particular show us the vocal range of Colbreigh and push the boundaries!
This project is a must listen for any modern Hip-Hop/ dance music fan! the groove is non stop,
and runs all the way through 4U2Enjoy!
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