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In just 1 year, @Jacob_T_King has taken social media by storm with over 2.3 million followers and over 50 million likes on TikTok alone. His success is attributed to offering lifestyle and fitness content with a UNIQUE TWIST!   


We asked him, “who is Jacob_T_King and what secret ingredient do you use to keep your fans wanting more?”


“My name is Jacob Timothy King from Indiana, and I am 22 years old. I am driven and outgoing which helps me as a professional trainer and competitive athlete in Calisthenics. Calisthenics is a type of workout that uses a person’s body weight with little or no equipment to improve coordination, flexibility and strength.



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scUba - "Tha Dope 2: Aftershock"


Mental Instability, Toxicity, Substance Abuse and Betrayal. Take a trip through the mind of scUba as he presents Tha Dope 2: Aftershock a storytelling rap EP. This EP reflects his last year and his mindset before, during and after several earth shattering moments. This is Aftershock!





Presented by Bentley Records

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3rd Eye Magic - "Never Give Up/Disloyal"



Today’s release is from Internationally known Hip-Hop Duo “3rd Eye Magic” aka C. Young & Charles Hamilton. These two have been influential contributors to the blog era of hip-hop, were both signed to Interscope in the past, were featured on many major publications, MTV, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Coachella etc. Individually C.Young and Charles Hamilton did nationwide tours with a range of different styled artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Mickey Avalon, Shwayze, LMFAO, Rita Ora  and many more. 3rd Eye Magic just released a dynamic discography drop containing 8 albums of music. 


After appearing on XM Radio’s Shade 45 on “Sway In The Morning” back in 2016, there was a major anticipation in the air for what 3rd Eye Magic could become. Fusing together hip-hop purism, psychedelic concepts and high level lyricism, their debut album “Abracadabra” was considered a classic amongst fans. 


They would go on to release several more projects throughout the following years then suddenly all of the 3rd Eye Magic music disappeared from streaming platforms.


With no explanation for why this occurred, fans were left frustrated and confused.


Fast forward to today, 3rd Eye Magic has officially re-released their discography onto streaming along with brand new album(s)and a two song music video for “Never Give Up” & “Disloyal”.


You can stream all their music on their brand new artist page:


With a unique style, a particular mystique and a clear passion to create a lot of content for their listeners, 3rd Eye Magic is bound to become 2023’s next breakout act. 







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DeShaun Duron - "Wanna Be With Me"



 DeShaun Duron has been busy carving out a name for himself in the world of Hip-Hop and RnB, spicing up the genres with his own sense of eclectic dynamism that has defined his signature sound. His latest, independently released album ‘Wanna Be With Me’ came out in February 2022, and provided a kaleidoscopic snapshot of DeShaun’s inner sanctum – coloring in his renewed confidence as a person and an artist, while signifying fresh beginnings for his music.


Take the experimental eccentricity of Prince, collide it with the spirit of TLC and a splash of OutKast, and you’re left with a recipe that closely resembles the highly eclectic sound of De Shaun Duron. The Atlanta-based singer, rapper, and artist has been making waves with his unique brand of colorful Hip-Hop and R&B, testifying that fun is the aim of the game when it comes to writing music. In his own words, “it moves my heart, I enjoy doing it.”


DeShaun Duron has over a decade and half of music-making experience under his belt, spending a lot of that time finding himself as well as his sound. Learn more


“This album represents me restarting my music career. A lot has happened since my first release over 10 years ago. I’m more confident in who I am as a person and an artist. I’m just ready to hit the ground running, and I’m inviting you to join me on the journey.” – DeShaun Duron


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Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis after the recent flooding disrupted its main water facility. While this is a natural disaster that nobody could predict, the results are catastrophic for the 200,000 people living in Jackson.


Rapper Adjnamedroach, born Bryan Dunn has donated more than 10,000 cases of water in the past two weeks to help the people in Jackson. He has been struggling to raise awareness of the issue by reaching out to his friends and family across the United States.


Rapper Adjnamedroach, says, "There's a water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, and it seems like nobody cares." He adds, "And I'm not one to accuse people of racism, I've got so many other worries in the world, and to be honest, it annoys me when that's the first thing to come out of people's mouths. But there aren't many white people in Jackson, Mississippi, and I think that plays a role in this scenario."


The water crisis has deprived people of safe running water for an indefinite period. The situation is so dire that schools have moved to virtual learning, restaurants are closing down, and stores are running out of water. Unfortunately, this crisis is expected to leave lasting effects on Jackson's economy and business community.


Apart from the business sector, the regular people living in the area are forced to buy clean bottled water to survive these difficult times. Between the cost of drinking water and high water bills, the already low-income population is struggling to make ends meet.


Roshanda Shell, who works at a local hotel, says, "I spend about $200 on bottled water every month. That's mainly what I use that money for, to buy five big cases of water for the month. I really want to leave Jackson so bad."


Rapper Adjnamedroach (Bryan Dunn) is from Florida but has a lot of friends in Jackson. He confesses, "What's going on in Mississippi is messed up. It's hardly on their news. I don't think I would even know about it if it weren't for my friends. And I think that's kind of how the world works. If you're not living in a place or know someone who is, you simply block out bad things in the world because you're focused on your own struggles. But we are talking about water. This is something so basic. I think everyone in the United States takes water for granted. At least from my point of view, I always expect to have it. I've never gone without water, whether at home or in jail, so I couldn't even imagine going through something like this."


This isn't the first time the water system in Jackson has failed its residents. Last year, a harsh winter storm knocked the system out, leaving the people without clean water for a whole month. Even when they do have access to water, it's not safe for drinking.


The severe floods last week were the final straw in an already failing system. They wreaked havoc on the treatment plan, and the city's residents are still deprived of a critical necessity: water.


Experts agree that the crisis in Jackson isn't sudden but has been building up for many years. The city is void of essential infrastructure upgrades because of insufficient funding. The leaders of this majority- Black city have been requesting additional funding to help resolve its problems. However, they haven't received a positive response from the White Republicans who run the state.


In response to the critical situation in Jackson, Mississippi, state officials and the National Guard are distributing water in the city. However, there are many who don't trust people in uniforms, including the 500 immigrant households residing there. 


State officials accept the crisis in Jackson as a human rights failure. They warned, "The consistent delays in timely maintenance have hampered (the water facility's) ability to properly respond to the demands placed upon it."


Rapper Adjnamedroach adds, "I can't fix this. The cases of water I brought and passed out are probably long gone by now. There are so many people there, and I've given probably 10 or 20,000 cases of water, but the health department and common knowledge say the average person needs about 8 cups of water a day to survive with basic health. And I know for a fact that I personally drink about 3 to 4 times of that in a day. I guzzle down water and quench my thirst. I can't imagine not being able to go to the faucets and get a big ol' glass of water. Something needs to be done about this."


"Call Elon Musk; I can't fix this by myself. No way."


Bryan Dunn is a regular person trying to make a difference, but he knows the scale of the calamity can't be easily fixed. While some people are supporting his cause, he needs more volunteers to fund clean water for the residents of Mississippi.


Rapper Adjnamedroach insists that influential people with money like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos should come forward and help in this cause. Bryan Dunn and his friends are just rappers and not even rich ones, therefore, their resources are limited. "I've got a couple of thousands to my name, but I feel bad for these people. I can donate a few thousands of cases at a time, but that isn't enough. I want to help these people. I want to help these kids. I grew up playing football in the yard, and running to the water house and guzzling it right from the hose. It was the best tasting water I ever had in my life, and I can't believe there are kids living in the United States that can't have that basic experience."


This is a national disaster that requires government attention. Rapper Adjnamedroach says, "I'm going to keep on donating water, but I wish the world would start caring and someone would fix this. Everybody wanted Joe Biden in the office; well, where is he at during all this? I haven't seen one news story about him even mentioning the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. I think Trump would've had this stuff fixed by now."


The residents of Jackson are a part of the United States, and their 'American dream' is as real as ours. Since clean water is a fundamental human right that no one should be deprived of, this issue needs national attention and immediate solutions.



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Dylan Rhine, who goes by the stage name Deetrxll, celebrated this year with some great news about his music career. He recently released a new song "Coke Boy", has peaked at # 18 on Apple's UK Top 100 Hip Hop Chart.  


Deetrxll has put a lot of work into his music career behind the scenes. However, he wasn't handed this opportunity easily. What a lot of people didn't know about this hip-hop artist is that he's also a soldier in the US Army National Guard working out of Del Rio,Texas.


Music has always been Deetrxll's dream, but he knew he had to find a way to fund his career. Being in the army allows him to service his nation while funding his career.


When asked why he was passionate about his music career, Spc Rhine/Deetrxll  explained that it gave him an outlet to channel his experiences while also having his work reach people around the world.


This upcoming artist stays active on social media while engaging with his fanbase. He currently has over 100K Instagram followers with more people joining that list every day.


Deetrxll's latest album Underrated 2 is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.


Fans can find every one of Deetrxll's released songs available on all music streaming platforms.


Deetrxll is currently accepting bookings from other hip-hop artists that want to collaborate or feature him in their songs.


Music videos for Feelings, Coke Boy, and Mr. Trxll are now uploaded on YouTube.


Deetrxll has collaborated with other upcoming hip-hop artists, like Quin NFN on the track “Diss One” Sauce Walka on the track “Another One” Double RR on the track "Off The Top" and featured on the track "Free Smoke" with 3Ree and Tojo.


Deetrxll's inbox is starting to fill up with hip-hop artists that are looking to link up with him for a feature. While he's still new to the industry, Deetrxll is already starting to make a good name for himself. All of his military training has given him the exact level of discipline he needs to stay focused on his career and make his dreams happen. 


Hip-hop fans across the world are beginning to discover what Deetrxll is bringing to the table. Tracks like "Mic Down" and "Side Piece" show the audience the type of range this artist has. Although it's early in Deetrxll's career, music fans are expecting to see big things from him.


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Entre - "L.O.L.O" (Lights On Lights Off)


International R&B Artist Entre Luche is taking the internet by storm Recognized & Nominated For International Independent Artist of The Year Entre Luche is a multifaceted singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and advocate. Entre Luche is the great grandson of the late Grammy Award Winning Singer-songwriter/ musician Willie Dixon. He’s known For his catchy hooks and soothing vocals. Entre’s Newest single L.O.L.O (Lights On Lights Off) is a high energy dance record that talks about Entre’s experience dealing with a woman who was a cheater. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and will make you say Lights On Lights Off.

Producer: Kendox
Writer: Entre Luche
Executive Producer: Tanya Luckett
Label: LaunchPad Global Ent. / EL Official ENT
BPM: 182


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Carvery - "Belligerent"

Emerging artist, songwriter and producer Carvery outta Montreal, Canada dropped off his first music video #Belligerent. Carvery been cooking up with Cash Money Records artist development division AMAG Collective, look out for future releases coming from the camp.

Produced by BTB/AMAG
Executive produced by B You B Media Group (BYB)


Snapchat - kiingCarv



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TopNotch Boi Partners With Legendary Producer Zaytoven to Release the Classic Cut, “Street Love”


Between completing his tour and releasing the Zaytoven-produced banger, “Street Love,” TopNotchBoi is living his best life.

The Evansville, Indiana-born artist, Micheal Gray aka TopNotchBoi has become widely known for his talents on the mic. His lyrical abilities are immaculate, and his flow is deserving of being in the books with the greats of hip-hop. With time and practice, his sound evolved to an edgy rap style with melodic harmonies complementing distinct 808 drums over a diverse range of

TopNotchBoi’s music is a reflection of his upbringing and lifestyle, dropping street knowledge from the experiences that gave rise to his dreams of success and a lifestyle worth grinding for. His character is authentic, and his bars aren’t make-believe. His latest song, the TopNotch Entertainment released single, “Street Love,” attests to this truth, while at the same time delivering a track that has left listeners in a state of mass hysteria. The Zaytoven-produced single has been on a warpath since its release in August 2022, transforming clubs into a turn-upfest of good vibes and performances into a moment forever engraved into the hearts and minds
of patrons. Only the greatest of hits hold that prestige in hip-hop, and now TopNotchBoi’s single, “Street Love” has joined the short list.

The track has something for everyone. Musicians can get lost in the crisp Zaytoven production with keyboard patterns, synths, drums, and hi-hat combine together like an audible masterpiece of impeccable sound. Listeners can find pleasure in TopNotchBoi’s rhyme scheme
articulation finessing the beat out of all it’s worth, effortlessly and impressively. “Street Love” is the perfect blend of contemporary hip-hop and melodies of neo-soul and R&B.

Whether fans of styles like Juice WRLD, Kanye West, Chris Brown, or any other icon, “Street Love” will blow your mind. Stream the single out now before the release of the upcoming music video.


For Features/Bookings: 321-356-9403

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Producer Peigh Jones Signs Artist Deal With MTD Bass


After 20 plus years in the industry as a producer, artist, musician and bassist Peigh Jones signs with one of the biggest names in handmade instruments Michael Tobias Design. 


“I’m just grateful for the opportunity, I’m very blessed and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I was first introduced to MTD around the age of 10 when one of my mentors had a Tobias Signature and the tone was super crazy. I always said that would be my signature tone. I later fell in love with the newer models, the Kingston ZX5 as well as the 535-24 models." MTD has a signature sound that stands apart from other bass guitars. If you know Peigh Jones you know he grew up listening to Grammy Award winning Producer Andrew Gouché , so to be an artist under the same umbrella as him is breathtaking. 


“Who would think a kid at the age of six playing in the garage with his older cousin would be where I am today, all glory to God “ 


Peigh Jones begin playing with a local group in his hometown of Huntsville texas called Dedication , then later begin playing and singing with his uncles national recording artist The Wonderful Harmonizers a gospel group that was formed by his Grandfather Freemon Jenkins and Uncle Lee Roy Bryant, under the leadership of Living Legend James Bryant Jr. 


In 2010 he began producing and co-producing records for artists world wide and in 2014 he joined Unity of Navasota and began producing and writing songs with the band as they traveled all over the USA as well as performing overseas. 


In 2021 he debuted with the Legendary Award Winning group The Williams Brothers to sing at Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg mother’s home-going celebration where he’s currently the bass guitarist/ vocalist. Sharing the stage with Keith Sweat, John Legend, B. Slade, Kirk Franklin, Snoop Dogg and a plethora of artists, he continues to work toward his goal as well as living his dream as a producer, live instrumentalist and artist. I’m very grateful to The Williams Brothers for the opportunity to share my gift. These are Gospel Legends and they push me every show and I’m grateful for that. 


Teaming with Detroit’s own Grammy nominated super producer Dre Butterz, Jazzepha and Drey Skonie, Peigh Jones and the team has over 60 published records and counting.


Finally he’d like to add, “ I’d like to dedicate this accomplishment to some special people that kept me going when times were rough” My late uncle L.V pop Bryant my original mentor , The late Cedrick Burns Sr. (my bass brother for life) and Roshonda Davis love and miss you sis, we always talked about this day thank you for looking down on us , all of you guys have a special place in my heart! Last but not least, my parents and my wife for always believing in me 


You can check out his music here:


Also check him out on tour with The Williams Brothers at:

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Austin TX Artist G-Smith is Back With a New Single & Video


Rising rap-sensation G-Smith maintains his ferocious pathway to the top by continuously releasing additions to his massive discography with a consistent taste of Energetic and forceful, stylish, yet militant lyricism with a Louisiana soul influenced assembly.

From Hip-hop to pop G-Smith makes vibrant records, Incorporating pop & hip-hop on his latest Ep., A 7 track project entitled "what about the ladies".

The lead single "like me" sets the tone for the whole project.

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B Menace - What They Say (feat. AVE)


B MENACE is an artist with a focus on bringing passion, innovation and creativity to the table. His sound is definitely not your average cup, and listeners will most certainly be able to appreciate his distinctive spin on trap and hip-hop. The Virginia native born Willie Hicks, the artist isn’t just an entertainer: he strongly believes that rap saved his life and took him away from trouble and mischief. Instead of focusing on other things, his passion for music drove him to accomplish something deeper to channel his energy. His most recent release, “WHAT THEY SAY” is a perfect example of that.
“WHAT THEY SAY,” which also features an amazing collaboration with AVE, is a really spot-on track. It should definitely be on your radar if you like the work of artists such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye West and Lloyd Banks, among others. This new work has got everything that you would expect from a top-charting artist, with the added benefit of a willingness to keep an open mind and explore new ideas. The audience is always rewarded with a fresh listening experience from B MENACE!

Find out more about B MENACE and listen to “WHAT THEY SAY (featuring AVE)”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services on the scene today.




Stream on all DSP’s 

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Just within 2 days of Butta The Preacher's new release, he ranked at the top of the global music charts with his new hit single “Crazy About GOD" Ft. Shallon Tore’ and multi award winning recording artist Emcee N.I.C.E. Butta The Preacher is a native from Gary, Indiana who's music career as a Christian hip hop artist is something the music industry's been needing. 


At 21 years old, Butta The Preacher was shot 9 times and left for dead. Soon after, he was hit by a drunk driver, which had left him flatlined, then he was brought back to life. During that moment, Butta The Preacher, who was once Butta Gutta, announced his calling to the gospel. He now calls his rhymes sermons on beats and he is bringing the church to the streets! Crazy About GOD is on all major radio stations around the world and can be bought and streamed on all digital music outlets. Butta The Preacher says this song is the Holy Anthem #CAG





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50Caliburr - "Conceited"


50Caliburr Continues Chart-Worthy Releases With Message-Filled and Hard-Hitting Hip Hop Single ‘Conceited’


A bold and prolific take on hip-hop music, 50Caliburr’s newest single is a striking blend of songwriting and rhythm. “Conceited” is the newest release by the never-disappointing 50Caliburr. Passionate about earnestly creating his own musical lane, the Toronto-native continues to surprise audiences with his adaptive skills and storytelling technique, while also excelling in whichever spotlight he desires.


“Conceited” contains lyricsm that will have listeners motivated and reminiscing of past situations. The rising hip-hop artist is known for his carefully crafted, poignantly composed, soothing, and mesmerizing musical compositions that have laid the foundation for his brand and what is to come.


Through this release, 50Caliburr is establishing himself as a force in the scene . “Conceited” spares no expense when it comes to delivering quality. Pushing the boundaries of his talents, 50Caliburr is also adding new layers to what hip-hop music can be. “Conceited” is a record you must add to your playlist.


About 50Caliburr


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, 50Caliburr had a love for music from a very young age. He always had a passion for it but never pursued it early on because of the negative stigma around "wannabe rappers". Despite not wanting to fall into that category, he couldn't help but continue to write music since random lines and melodies would always pop into his head. Music came so naturally to him. After dropping out of college for the second time he finally accepted that music was his true calling in life and decided to take it more seriously. His catchy hooks and versatile flows have garnered him the attention of A&Rs, Industry Producers and Artists alike. 50Caliburr's goals are to make music he enjoys and have fun with others who enjoy it as well. He's just a boy from the projects trying to live his life to the fullest.


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S-BEATS MUSIC Drops New EP "Without Ties"



Producer S-BEATS MUSIC is back better than ever with his second EP 'Without Ties'. A collaborative project, this EP works with independent artists all over the world, proving that big labels don't account for great talent and success. This producer took only six months to create this album and never fails to highlight the best assets of each artist, including Ruhaan79, OffDiste, Tara Britt, HYNS and KitoTheLeo. S-BEATS MUSIC takes us on a tour around the world with this album, with languages and collaborators from Italy, US, India, Africa and many more. Along with a diverse scope of artists, 'Without Ties' also features a diverse range of styles, and is packed full of culture as S-BEATS MUSIC experiments with fast-paced trap beats, entrancing flutes and impactful bass lines across the EP. 'Without Ties' is a look into the future of music, full of surprises and sounds that will take you on a rollercoaster ride!


Stephin Vijayan, aka S-BEATS MUSIC, is a 21-year-old hailing from India. Starting off at just 15-years-old, it's no surprise that his music has received an onslaught of positive attention. His Remix 'Fi Ha' has surpassed 100k streams on Spotify, it has also risen as a trend on IG with over 26K using the sound on Reels. Now that he's established himself as a talented trap music producer, S-BEATS MUSIC is now expanding his abilities to work within other genres and soundscapes. He makes it a point to stay authentic to the genre and takes inspiration from other artists as he progresses. S-BEATS MUSIC has worked with countless artists such as Tara Britt, KitoTheLeo, Jay Hendrix, HYNS, Prettiboi Vice, Van The Don, Chyde, Ruhaan79, OffDiste and more. 'Street Success' was the first EP that the producer released in 2020. With such a cultured experience of music, it's easy to get excited for this producer's new projects.



Instagram |
Spotify |
Twitter |
Soundcloud |

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Rich Ash Drops New Single "Update"


Rich Ash is an upcoming artist and producer from Detroit, MI who has the full package. Lyricical, witty, luxurious, creative, optimistic are a few ways one might describe him. The music depicts life lessons, struggles, blessings, success, and plethora of other things. Rich has pioneered his path in the music world with catchy street music that proudly illuminates his hometown and hood. Rich Ash has an entertainment studio in his hometown where he has built strong connections and created multiple outlets to help rising artists.


When asked where does he see himself in 5 years this was his response:

“I want to be a CEO with a full entertainment and media company that specializes in breaking down barriers for people in music.” I also want to start an academy for creatives in need.


His most recent release which has been getting alot of attention is called Update and was recently added on genius.



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NLB Mateo - "Down" ft. Maino


NLB Mateo (Born August 21st, 1997) is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Previously being known as the “Teen Triple Threat Xavier” he has developed and grown tremendously — having an outstanding resume throughout the years. His first and only management teams Bossed Up & AOS Entertainment have an enigmatic talent on their hands, and plan for a dominant 2023. NLB Mateo’s new single “Down” features an incredibly-laced verse from NYC Hip-Hop veteran, Maino as well as a smooth serenade from the singer himself. They plan on dropping a visual for the piece promptly. 

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Jeweliet - "Prescription"

Jeweliet is a New York City-based R&B and Pop artist. I was born in Brooklyn on September 30, 2003, and currently living in Staten Island; coming from an Italian-Chinese descent, my love and appreciation for music started at three years old. "My eccentric and positive outlook on music has influenced my style while creating. Some of my biggest inspirations are Lauryn Hill, Rhianna, Travis Scott, and Kanye West. With these ideas, I have developed my style, sound, and flow, which will change the music industry entirely." So get ready to enter, Ju-Ju's world!
Prescription is about addictive energy and good vibes! It’s about how sometimes you have bad days and need someone to make everything okay. The cure is about letting go of what’s weighing you down and letting somebody be your healing, be your Rx. In this world, we all have problems from all walks of life, no matter what race or gender you are. I believe everyone carries the prescription to subscribe to friends or your significant other. Just remember light doses! This incredible energy is addicting.   
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Nukstarr - "Bird Flu"

Nukstarr is a Queens, New York based female recording artist specializing in Hip Hop music.  Nukstarr has performed with the likes of Nems, Lil Mama, Juelz Santana, Phresher, Benny the Butcher, Maino and Jim Jones, to name a few.  She has been rapping since she was a teenager, and has been on the female battle rap circuit for the past several years. In July 2021, she established Nukcleairs, which is her own brand of sneakers, and in June 2022 Nukstarr established her own label, Prominent Sound Music Group (PSMG), with her best friend Delisa “De-De” Noble, with the intention of providing opportunities for aspiring recording artists to present their music to the world. With the release of Bird Flu, a collaboration with NYC Hot 97's own DJ Chris Dollar, her and her team believe "She Got One!"
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Jay Shephard - "Honey"

Jamaal Saunders, professionally known as “Jay Shephard” was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and was influenced by celebrated artists such as; Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson, and Gentleman. Jay has always sought to mirror his…

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MBM - "That'll Do Fine"

Rising Broward County, FL artist MBM just dropped a hot new video titled "That'll Do Fine". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.Connect:IG: @whoismbmTikTok: @WhoIsMBM_Twitter: @whoismbmFB: @TheRealMBMYouTube:…

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MajorHardcore - "In New York"

Rising New York artist MajorHardcore just dropped two new hot singles titled "In New York" and "Toxic". Check out his latest work below and follow him on social media for his latest releases. Look out for his new singles "Fukin or Not" and "You…

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BlueJayWangTeam - "And One"

BluejayWangteam is an artist from Victorville California probably the most developed artist out of his city but let’s not forget unique his sound is way different from the average but his grind is relentless be prepared to see more of him from here…

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