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Mr.J (D-RIOT) - "Free To Be Me"


Born and Raised in Detroit, MI. My music is inspired by the blue collar workers. The Get Up and grinders, the broken homes and small Churches. Free To Be Me is about knowing who you are and NOT letting this world change you. It's about knowing your values and principles and sticking to them at all cost. When no one believes in you, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.







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Get spins on DJ ILL WILL RADIO SHOW via all @SmackEmRadio platforms broadcasting live on Facebook, Twitch, Mixcloud and YouTube. Simply subscribe to DJ ILLWILL TriState YOUTUBE CHANNEL here: https://www.youtube.com/c/DJILLWILLTriState... CLICK ON THE BELL and your song will be added for plays and promotions.Submit your music mp3 format to smackemradio@gmail.com attention: Artist name and song title, thank you

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CoolKay is back on the scene with a brand new release: THISSHITFIXED


A brand new release with upbeat arrangements and catchy melodic twist.


January 1, 2020 - Artist and songwriter CoolKay is a versatile and diverse musical performer who set out to create a distinctive sound by blending a wide range of influences. Although this hasn’t been an easy year for artists, CoolKay has still managed to publish something, and reach out to the audience. His most recent studio release, THISSHITFIXED, is a very appealing combination of trap, classic hip-hop vibes, and so much more, highlighting the artist’s incredible ability when it comes to switching things up and avoiding the usual cliches. In addition to reflecting the artist’s kaleidoscopic personality, Legacy is also well-produced and endearing. The sound of this recording is not overly polished, meaning that it allows more of the human qualities of the artist’s performance through, giving the audience a memo

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Get spins on DJ ILL WILL RADIO SHOW via all @SmackEmRadio platforms broadcasting live on Facebook, Periscope, Mixcloud and YouTube.
Simply subscribe to DJ ILLWILL TriState YOUTUBE CHANNEL here: https://www.youtube.com/c/DJILLWILLTristate CLICK ON THE BELL🔔 and your song will be added for plays and promotions.
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Doug the Plug Clicks On All Cylinders With “Say What”


Just a few days ago Doug the Plug, who is a fast rising rapper from Inglewood, California, just released “Say What”. His release premiered on Spotify as well as YouTube and so far has been blowing up on the two platforms.


Doug the Plug’s video is top tier quality due to the high budget feel as well as storyline. “Say What” starts out with Money Masss inviting Doug the Plug to pull up to his crib. Once he gets there he’s surrounded by beautiful woman in a nice exotic mansion. In the video Doug the Plug has ice on his wrist and is fitted in the highest fashion which matches the video’s aesthetics. This one is definitely worthy of watching to the end!


Watch “Say What” on Youtube below


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Cmo Marcello – “Lost Files”



(Baton Rouge, LA) — CMO Marcello drops club banger Lost files! Produced by Shop With Ken, and penned by CMO, this track is giving the streets a taste of how he coming in his city. 2020 might have been super wild but we are definitely banking on 2021 for the win for the Baton Rouge native.


CMO Marcello is a Louisiana-born rapper with a gritty unique sound of his own. Growing up in Baton Rouge 1 of 5 children, he learned at an early age that hard work is the way to reaching his dreams. Putting his passion into action, killing the game with this dope flow and unique rhymes, the artist is blazing a path behind him and building an empire along the way.


Using the influence of his city and the inspiration of some of rap’s greatest acts to fuel his quest to be the best, his drive to make great music was born out of the motivation to see everyone around him win. Leading the WAE (We All Eat), along with pursuing his music career, he also plans to give back and invest in t

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CHICAGO THREEZ drops another conscious cocktail BOMB! New Single/Video "OTHER SIDE!" featuring Silence, DJ X-Ray and a remix-loop from Curtis Mayfield! Produced by Riot One for SSMG! Truly another Gold Barz audio and visual classic!!!!!!!!

Featured on Legendary DJ RON G's mixtape "THE NEW TOMORROW"


This song and video is about enlightenment and self-actualization. In Ancient Egypt, Osiris symbolized the innate divinity in man as well as his highest potential. There is an arduous process in realizing this...It usually entails suffering, challenges, setbacks, and disappointments. Yet, when we realize that all of the aforementioned are but instruments utilized by the Universe to force us into who we are destined to become we then understand that there can be no arrival without the struggle. The tallest and most beautiful plants require both sunshine and rain. Hope you enjoy! #CHICAGOTHR
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Jake Griffus - "Candlelight"



Jake Griffus Tackles Tough Issues On “Candlelight”


California-based lyricist Jake Griffus sees
his music as a form of therapy. Delivering conscious bars and covering various topics,
he taps into parts of the listener’s mind, helping them through the darkness into the
healing light. With a new album on the way, he gets things started with the release of a
new single, “Candlelight”.

Produced by Entheogenesis Productions, “Candlelight” finds Jake grapples with
heavy topics such as suicidal tendencies and fighting demons. With his unique
wordplay, he paints a dark picture of what people are going through, and finds himself
trying to help others out of that darkness. Although “Candlelight” is not a typical Hip
Hop track, listeners will find themselves hitting rewind to see the vivid pictures Jake
Griffus paints. Accompanying the single is a music video that further amplifies his
lyrics. “Candlelight” will be featured on Jake’s forthcoming, full-length 2021 release,
“The Operator”.

Growing up in Palmdale

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