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The Ryan Show Syndicate is an elite group of digital radio stations, podcasts & businesses providing their fanbases and affiliate partners with top notch programming and creative excellence. Each of these businesses has direct access to the global network of entrepreneurs and sponsors within The Ryan Show network. For more info on how to join the syndicate contact us via email at info@theryanshow.net. The Ryan Show FM is a globally syndicated radio program broadcasting across 200+ stations worldwide. Tune in at 10 pm EST on Thursdays for celebrity interviews accompanied by a unique variety of music, entertainment, sports, and international news. Join host Ryan Verneuille with co-hosts Mr. Cheeks, of the iconic hip-hop group Lost Boyz, and socialite Hamptons Dave, as they bridge the gap between a wide variety of people and topics each week. From hip hop pioneers to headline grabbing criminals to sexy strippers and pop culture phenomenon, this unlikely tripod showcases the who’s who of pop culture, bringing listeners a consistently entertaining variety show that truly delivers something for everyone.

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After building the foundations of their company structure and recruiting local talent, None Entertainment has sold out various shows across their country and are ready to expand to a showcase to a global audience.





None Entertainment is an emerging independent music label from New Zealand. Run by a talented and experienced team that provides solutions for various artists, DJs and entertainers, None Entertainment is at the forefront of expanding the ever-growing New Zealand entertainment industry. With in-house specialists in music production, engineering, artist management, event planning and management, communications and PR, high-end videography and photography, None Entertainment is a full-service establishment for all creators.


Unrivalled in their ability to market events and promote signees through the use of organic grass-rooting in the highly competitive entertainment industry, None Entertainment has hosted nation-wide events such as their  highly-successful “O The Top'' shows, which was sold-out in every major city, to build their brand and increase their reputation in the New Zealand community. They are focused on building strong relationships with various community-based organizations to help provide opportunities for talented individuals to showcase their talents to the world. By creating a platform and building infrastructure that can empower those that might not have access to production and recording equipment, None Entertainment is focused on building a structure that provides the platform to those that want to have a career in entertainment. The leadership group has a strong focus on connecting with the youth and believing in the next generation of talented individuals who will uplift New Zealand into the mainstream of the entertainment industry.


We are an entertainment company focussed on changing the music industry and standards in New Zealand. We have been building the foundations for the last year concentrating on building our network and company structure. As CEO, I envision None Entertainment to be at the forefront of change and uplifting our communities and allowing them to shine on the local and international stages. We want to create an environment of progressive talent incubation and artist development and be the go-to destination for young talent in our country. We believe in the pool of untapped talent in New Zealand and are committed to building the best team to enhance their creative output. - Mark Callan, Co-Founder and CEO


By working directly with each member of the label, None Entertainment has a mission of scaling its reach to the Australasian, European and American audiences. Their team has a strong belief in New Zealanders’ ability and talent and aims to be the bridge between them and the global markets. None Entertainment aims to be the leading destination for all entertainers with strong ties to local and international booking agencies to grow each individual's network and brand.


With my experience working in the entertainment industry across Asia, I truly believe that New Zealand has the potential to rise and get to the top. Our goal at None Entertainment is to be the bridge between New Zealand and the overseas audience by creating opportunities for our local artists to reach new heights. We want to open up the doors for our local talent by providing them with the right tools to enhance their sound and talents and to capitalize on the growing global entertainment industry. - Ho Lee, Co-Founder and Head of A&R


With talent-incubation ability only matched by the larger major record labels in New Zealand, None Entertainment aims to continue to expand their roster of signees which includes rising rap-star “Sauce40”, New Zealand’s top-rated DJ “Zeroz”, and YouTube sensation “Ryder” from ‘The Cougar Boys’.


“Sauce40”, recently known as “Y3K$”, is an up and coming artist from a small town called Huntly, located in Waikato, New Zealand. His name is derived from, ‘Sauce’ meaning his drip style, while ‘40’ represents his day-one childhood crew.  With his last singles under his previous name doing considerable numbers, Sauce40 has been showcasing and improving his diversity and adaptability to various styles of music. His sound still has elements of hard/trap rap, but after experimenting with his voice and putting in hours in the studio, he has increased his ability to create more melodic music and has used that to his advantage to increase his listening audience.


“Zeroz” is a multi-faceted DJ who is bringing new dimensions to the music industry by incorporating a variety of genres and sounds suited to various crowds. Zeroz is influenced by the different cultures she was exposed to during her upbringing with a mixed ethnicity of half European and half Chinese. She currently has a residency at Face Night Club Auckland, and is managed by None Entertainment. She has performed at a multitude of showcases and venues across New Zealand including The Roxy, Round 6, Infinity Club, Face Club and Raynham Park. Supported by her large following, Zeroz was voted 1st in New Zealand and 6th place within Australia and Oceania for DJANETOP’s Top DJs list.


With a strong foundation set in stone and a company structure that is tailored to nurture talent, None Entertainment is ready to expand its global presence and put its roster into the eyes of the international audience.


Liam Suttie Communications Director, None Entertainment www.none-ent.com press@none-ent.com



Website: www.none-ent.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/none_entertainment/

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The Crown Prince of the Ville (Louisville) Ky, is back after dropping the heartfelt Ep Mr.17th , and the cinematic visual to " Movies" the Team 563 C.E.O gives you Episode 2 of his #Mr17th Vlog series, taking fans on a up & close and personal look through the streets where it all began , as well as a 1st class seat to one of his studio sessions, So after you catch up with Philly and the Team 563 movement , head over to spinrilla and listen to the full project if you haven't already (https://tinyurl.com/mr17thep)…. Then stay in touch with the CEO Philly Blocks via Twitter/IG @phillyblocks
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New heat released today by London producer Ramson Badbonez.
"Lead by Example" is the title track from his new album out on August 27th through New Dawn Records, and the second single taken from it following last month's "Stay True" ft Reks, Ruste Juxx and Blacastan".
His debut behind the boards, the beatmaker has assembled a stellar line up of hip hop heavyweights from the US, UK and Canada as the guest featured artists, the latest joint laying down another early marker of the levels.
Driven by a soundtrack fuelled with soulful horns and smoky breaks, Ghana's finest Recognize Ali jumps in the ring like his namesake to "fly like a butterfly and spit some heavy punches" with Brooklyn's acclaimed lyrical marksmen Skyzoo and Juxx Diamondz, all taking it in turns to deliver a salvo of relentless rhymes that drop a bag full of jewels on the unsuspecting.  The beat gets bodied as masters of their craft dispatch verses with precision engineering while the UK's turntablist DJ Jazz T provides the scratch sorcery.  A premium cut for the connoisseur.
Available to stream & download now from Apple, Amazon, Bandcamp, Tidal & Spotify
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Another one in my "Djkhaled" (voice) from the Wrong kind underboss, inglewood's voice "Half Ounce" back like he never left with the hood soon to be classic "Shifty" where who as usual teams with his fellow naybah "Gundei" to give you a up close and personal look at not only hood life, but how dealing with the wrong individuals and being in the wrong places can turn ya life upside down and you know "Half Ounce" never known for cap rap this is based on a true story. So press play ▶️ and zone out with "Half Ounce"and stay tapped in on a daily via Twitter @Half_ounce
Half Ounce ft. Gundei - Shifty
Listen Here
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ATL-based visionary and Ceo Tonian Brown is more than a artist, he’s an entrepreneur and businessman. Morelifedad is the Founder of Daily Mumble Media company that has raise very quickly in the Atlanta metro area. The move towards taking his work into a physical space with his media company studio would inspire a hot spring of culture in a city deemed as a hip-hop epicenter. Daily Mumble headquarters is where popular upcoming artists get interviewed and recognition for there work that has gain them many fans across the world. Tonian never knew that interviewing other rappers will be his niche to give back to the hip hop culture while combining his passion and drive. Morelifedad has connected with rappers such as Lil Baby, Young Thug, Lil Durk, Lil Uzi Vert, and Birdman. Morelifedad is the Ceo of 2026 Music Group which was helped established with his younger brother Quinton Hall also known as Hall Jr 2026 who has made a big imprint in the music industry as well with feature with Future (rapper) YoungBoy Never Broke Again, DaBaby, Young Thug, and Unfoonk. Daily Mumble set to release a youtube segment titled as Noted Rappers, which would be interviewing a selective in demand upcoming artists about more of there personal likeness to get there audience and fans more familiar with there favorite artist.








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Air Blaq - "Holy Pages"


At the age of 16, an unintended overdose threatened his life and overturned his sense of purpose. As an at-risk youth, it was clear that Air Blaq had a gift for music and poetry, but was misguided by the abuse and stereotypes placed upon him at an early age. After his near-death experience Air Blaq began questioning what his life could mean for other people which began an amazing journey of using his music to inspire the other youth in his community. Since then Air Blaq has grown much as an artist and now has his sights on becoming internationally known while continuing to impact people through his music. Air Blaq's style is often described as raw, melodic, and personally spiritual. He prides himself in being versatile and likes to convey different emotions through his songs... relying on both his strong lyrical game and melodic expressions. Check out his latest music video on YouTube!



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East Coast Artist Shaloc Renaissance teams up with J.D. and J Basement for the visual "Gritty City"



Shaloc Renaissance hails from Pittsburgh, PA. He has been creating music for over 20 years as a "positive outlet." He was introduced to Bob Marley's music when he was in high school and grew up in the "Golden Era" of Hip- Hop. He writes lyrics about his life experiences in the inner city and expresses his musical talents throughout the city. Upon graduating from high school, Shaloc Renaissance attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he gained experience about recording equipment, digital synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and live instruments in their audio and music program.

At the age of 19, Shaloc Renaissance lost his brother to gang violence. This is when he found refuge in music and began to see just how much of a role it played in his life. Music became the therapy that would help him heal from his brother's traumatic passing and the PTSD associated with it. Because of the positivity and creativity being birthed from exploring music - giving up wasn't an option for Shaloc Renaissance.



Shaloc Renaissance further honed his musical skills by performing in popular Pittsburgh venues such as; Frankie's, Rosebud, Mellon Park, Dowe's on 9th Street, Shadow Lounge, and other various locations. He also performed with several artists and producers representing Pittsburgh, Ohio, Atlanta, Florida; just to name a few.




From 2003-2010, SHALOC formed POWA- HOUSE Unlimited Entertainment- producing some of the city's hottest mixtape releases, as well as creating and promoting some of the city's livest local shows! Recently, reinventing himself as a musical artist, his evolved identity is "Shaloc Renaissance", which simply translates " I AM THE EMBODIMENT OF REVIVING THE ART, REBIRTH & RENEWAL. He created an innovative, musical, and cultural brand called " Renaissance Authentic Music ( R.A.M.)." The production company produces high-quality visual and lyrical content, and eye-catching fashion to engage and inspire its fan base.



Additionally, Shaloc Renaissance dedicates his time to his inner-city youth mentorship program. Birthed from his own experiences, this initiative was created for the inner city youth as a positive outlet. Shaloc knows, all too well, the negative influences that children can be exposed to in neighborhoods like the one he grew up in. What's next for Shaloc? He's busy working on his album titled “The Dawning,” with hopes to release sometime in August. Be sure to connect with Shaloc Renaissance on all social media outlets and digital music platforms.


















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252NOM to Release New Single "Hourglass"



Rising artist 252NOM is set to release a hot new single titled "Hourglass". The sands of time is pouring on this "Toxic" relationship between Dion(252NOM) and his lover. Though they can't communicate mentally, without hurting each other. Physically they use each others body's to take away the pain they receive from day to day...This is their story. Look out for "Hourglass" dropping soon!




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